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Some say Franko is a cryptocurrency, others say Franko is the future.
Non nobis solum, sed omnibus!

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Franko is..

The future of ownership

An innovative approach to ownership.

Franko is a peer-to-peer payment network built with blockchain technology. The blockchain is a synchronised public ledger that monitors ownership of FRK's (frankos). FRK (franko) is the financial instrument used on the Franko payment network. FRK's can be instantly sent to anyone in the world as simply as sending an email and at little to no cost. New FRK's are generated at a predictable rate of 0.25FRK/30 seconds (720 FRK per day) as an incentive to volunteers who secure the network against double spending. You can buy and sell FRK at cryptocurrency exchanges like bittrex, exchange FRK for goods and services at accepting retailers or invest in FRK as a store of wealth like gold and silver.

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